Folasade Adeoso
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Empowering entrepreneurial-driven
women to confidently launch their passions.

Our Values




We believe that success is built on relationships. For us to succeed—and in turn our clients—we need to rely on effectively working together. 

EMPOWEr & inspire

Not only do we seek to inspire and empower those around us by sharing knowledge and resources, we allow ourselves to be inspired.


We seek to cultivate a spirit of unity and love, throughout our immediate communities and beyond. Together we can do more.



Creativity will always be at the core of who we are. We fearlessly apply creativity to all of our engagements.


We strive to do successful, important, and rewarding work that we can take pride in. We set high standards, set big goals and execute with integrity.


Hard work and dedication are the keys to success. We believe, there's enough room to sprinkle in a little  F-U-N into that equation.


THE 411


If anyone knows how overwhelming it is to create a website, it's us. We've heard countless nightmare stories from our clients -- from not having enough time, to juggling the launch of a business and website simultaneously, to overpaying for quality not up to your standards and the lack of confidence to launch their passion. 


For many women-owned businesses, a beautiful, contemporary website that clearly communicates their brand or services is the last piece missing to their puzzle of success.

Our mission is to empower female entrepreneurs with the confidence and killer website they need to launch whatever their passion may be.  With our affordable design kits, services and resources, we know you'll be able to attract your dream clients in no time!


meet folasade

Folasade is the creative director and strategist of F.A Design Studio.