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You damn right, I do!  2018 is the year I stop playing small, and truly go after everything I desire – success, joy, and $$$.  Writing is also on that list.  When I first started a blog, waaaaaay back in the day (2008), I was young, going through some shit and most importantly, I was writing from an honest and raw place. And to be quite frank with y'all,  I kinda-really miss that. The last couple of years blogging has been a little difficult for me. Somewhere down the road, I lost my authenticity. What started as a diary style blog, into a full on fashion blog. I began to write about shit I didn't care about.  I could tell my readers didn't give much of a fuck either. My engagement drastically plummeted. Even my sister, Ade, who was my number one supported stopped reading my blog.  Now, don't get me wrong – I love love love fashion, BUT I want to do things a little different around here. I'm getting back to what my true passions are, and why I originally sought out to blog in the first place – to connect, inspire. and be authentic

So, here's to less talking and more doing. 

...And while we're at it, here are a few of my goals for 2018:



photo taken by Joey Rosado

photo taken by Joey Rosado

  • Volunteer twice a month (start in Feb)
  • Travel to Nigeria and Senegal 
  • Practice self care in the mornings
  • Get over my fear of driving and get my damn license.
  • Be more organize in my business
  • Start boxing
  • Travel within the United States at least 3 times
  • Plan a road trip with my mom and sisters
  • Save $5,000 in three months
  • Connect with 5 different people at events
  • Promote my business
  • Create a collage once a month
  • Raise $$$ for a charitable cause