3 Signs You're Ready For A Brand Refresh


So you think it’s time for a brand refresh, huh?  If your gut instincts are telling that you do, then you should probably hear it out.

Think of your brand identity as living, breathing, thing, with personality traits. Your brand is the spokesperson for your business.  It should represent what you offer and differentiate you from your competitors. 


Sometimes our brand identity can get lost in the sauce. We’ve compiled three signs that indicate that you are ready for a brand refresh.


1. You aren't attracting your dream clients

Perhaps your audience has changed or you’re not attracting your dream client, but instead, you’re attracting the "unappreciative client."  You know, the one who doesn’t respect your time, products or services and expects you to charge offensively low rates for your work. If this resonates with you then it’s time for a brand refresh. Your brand identity should be oozing with confidence. It’s OK to show off your talents and passion and put your brand identity in a position that attracts loyal consumers.  Birds of the same feather flock together. When a brand is built around your ideal clients, they'll come flocking.

2. Your visual identity no longer represents your brand.

We all outgrow things. Clothing, relationships, and branding. If since launching your brand you’ve introduced new services, or even changed up the tone of your messaging, but your brand identity hasn’t changed, then it's time for a refresh. A rebrand refresh allows you to redefine yourself, not just for your dream client, customer or reader, but for your current and future employees as well.


Your brand identity isn’t just about your logo or the vibe you seek to cultivate, it’s also about the user experience. If your current website doesn’t have a clear message about what you offer with proper taglinescall-to-actions or a detailed 'about' page, then it’s time for a brand refresh. A website is your visual business card and shows people how serious you are about your craft and why it matters. If potential clients or readers are having trouble understanding and seeing the value you offer, then yes, you guessed it, you need to have your website redesigned to make the user experience simple, conclusive, and effective.

This is where we come in! Not only do we offer affordable ways to launch your passions with a beautiful website, we also offer add-ons that pair well with our services. So, if you’re thinking that it’s time for a brand refresh and you need a little more than just a website, you should consider our branding and logo add-on where we help you create every aspect of your brand identity, from your logo and color palette to the look and feel of your brand. We also offer a Copy add-on for those having trouble with communicating your brand message.

Add- Ons

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